Gallery: Cirrus G6 SR Series

The 2022 G6 SR Series builds on the SR22 G6 Perspective+ models. [Courtesy: Cirrus Aircraft]

On Tuesday, Cirrus Aircraft introduced the latest evolution of its single-engine piston product line, the 2022 G6 SR Series. Take a look around this updated aircraft.

Editor's Note: All photos courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft.

The new SR Series introduces a stunning new colorway: Himalayan Salt.
The wing has been made “sleeker” along with smoother transitions surrounding the ice panels.
Redesigned step lighting makes for easier entry at night.
A new baggage door allows for remote keyless entry, and swings open past 90 degrees.
New fast-charging USB ports enhance the passenger experience—and keep pilots powered up.
The new G6 SR Series is available starting this week.
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