Flight Chops: What Happens When You Drop an iPhone from 2,000 Feet

There's a decent chance that as you're reading this you are also waiting for your brand new iPhone 8 to be shipped. Or the more patient among us are practicing Zen-like restraint in holding out for the iPhone X. (Of course, you could also be an Android user, or simply someone who fails to see the point in spending huge chunks of cash on a small device that is ruining the attention spans and productivity for millions of people.) Whatever the case may be, today's Flight Chops throwback shows us what can happen when FOMO (the fear of missing out) gets the best of us at 2,000 feet.

As we all know, and as Chops points out, dropping any loose items from a plane is no laughing matter

But if your iPhone does slip out of your hands during flight, you probably won’t be as lucky as Zan was when she got a call from local police that her phone was found in someone’s yard.

As always, the first rule of Flight Chops is check out all of the adventures on his YouTube channel, and do not miss out on the monthly giveaways, which feature a subscription to Flying.


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