Daher Reveals TBM 930 Details

Garmin G3000 comes to single-engine turboprop.

Daher TBM 930
Daher unveiled its new TBM 930 last week at Sun 'n Fun.Pia Bergqvist

Daher once again surprised the aviation world last week by announcing a new model of the TBM single-engine turboprop — a model that is already FAA and EASA certified. The TBM 930 was announced at a press conference at the company’s Sun ‘n Fun exhibit as the cover was taken off the new model to show it off to the aviation press and customers.

The TBM 930 is an extension of the recently announced TBM 900. The new model is equipped with a Garmin G3000 avionics suite, featuring three 12-inch screens and two touchscreen controllers. Rather than the commonly bell-like aural annunciators, the G3000 in the TBM uses short voice alerts, such as “gear,” “stall,” and “use oxygen mask.”

TBM 930 Avionics
The TBM 930 features a Garmin G3000 avionics suite.Dave Carriere

Nicolas Chabbert, Daher’s senior vice president of the airplane business unit, referred to the two models as brothers. Unlike the TBM 850, which was discontinued when the 900 was announced, the G1000-equipped 900 and G3000-equipped 930 models will both be produced. Both models have received interior upgrades, with redesigned seats.

The TBM 900 has one edge up on the 930 as Garmin’s Flight Stream 210 has been added, allowing the G1000 to stream information to the Garmin Pilot tablet app on an iPad via Bluetooth.

Both models feature what Daher calls an e-copilot, which includes a Safe Flight angle-of-attack indicator, providing AOA information right on the PFD. Through the AOA computer, the system also provides the airplane with under speed protection (USP) and an electronic stabilization and protection system (ESP), which help the pilot maintain a stable flight profile and prevent a stall scenario.

The autopilot also includes an emergency descent mode, which automatically brings the airplane down to 15,000 feet in case of a loss of pressurization, unless the pilot responds.