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Gary Indiana GPS Y, Runway 12

Like the late stand-up comic Rodney Dangerfield who never seemed to get enough respect, the people at Gary Airport (GYY) feel as if they’ve been missing the love for many years. Sitting 20 miles south of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan, Gary Airport has certainly seen its share of failed airline startups including Southeast Airlines, SkyValue Airlines, Skybus Airlines, Hooters Air (yes, that Hooters) and one reincarnation of the famous PanAm brand.

The airport began a bit of a revival after the City of Chicago adopted Gary as the city’s third airport, not to mention the changes since Chicago’s Mayor Richard M. Daley abruptly closed Meigs Field in 1996. Recently, the airport’s longest runway was extended to nearly 8,900 feet. Another draw to GYY are fuel prices as much as three dollars a gallon less than some nearby airports.

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