Bethany Whitfield, Managing Editor

Bethany Whitfield

Bethany Whitfield joined Flying in April 2011. The daughter of a commercial airline and retired Air Force pilot, Bethany was introduced to the world of aviation at a very young age.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in the spring of 2009 with a degree in English, Bethany started pilot training with the aero club at Eglin Air Force Base and received her private pilot's certificate in the fall. She is currently an active VFR pilot in the early stages of obtaining her IFR rating. She has logged most of her time in a Cessna 172, but loves to try her hand at new aircraft.

Bethany lives in Orlando, FL. In addition to flying around Central Florida, her favorite activities include cooking, traveling and spending time outdoors. She loves volunteering at Pet Rescue by Judy and enjoys unwinding with a good glass of wine.

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