Garmin Launches GTN 750 iPad 2 Trainer

Touchscreen simulation makes this new app a good training tool.

All you wanted for Christmas may have been the new Garmin 750 for your airplane. If you were lucky enough to get the new touchscreen avionics or if you’d simply like to play around with the new system, you can at the very least try out Garmin’s new GTN 750 iPad 2 training app, which was just released this week. Since the iPad 2 and GTN share touchscreen capabilities, you can interact with the screen just as you would if you were in the airplane (with the exception of a couple of twist knobs that can also be manipulated using the iPad’s screen). And you can do it while enjoying an Eggnog by the fireplace.

The training app allows you to pan the GTN 750 map, enter waypoints into a flight plan, load airways and edit flight plans graphically, among other things. There are also simulated terrain and traffic alerts, and XM weather data. And you can create simulated demo flight settings such as altitude, speed and location.

“By using this tool, pilots can interact with the trainer like they would with the device in the cockpit, allowing them to become more familiar and comfortable with a GTN before ever going up in the air,” said Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing, Carl Wolf.

You can download the app from the Mac App Store for $24.99.


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