New Women’s Watch Adds Unique AlphaBezel Feature

Abingdon's Katherine helps pilots remember the ATIS code.

Abingdon Co. officially unveiled its latest women’s watch, Katherine, last week at the Women in Aviation Conference in Dallas, Texas. The new watch has a patent-pending feature that is sure to delight women pilots and is likely to intrigue some male pilots, too.

The company’s founder, Chelsea “Abingdon” Welch, said that with all the new technology that has been introduced into the cockpit in the past decade, many pilots no longer need the E6B feature that has traditionally graced the bezel of aviation watches. Welch decided to try something new and added the alphabet instead, or what she has named the ALPHABezel, allowing pilots to highlight the hourly ATIS designation with a magnifying bubble window in the glass.

In addition to the new feature, Katherine comes with a mother of pearl dial, chronograph, date and time functions and more. Priced at $549, Katherine is available in multiple colors with leather or stainless steel wristbands.

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