Cessna Skycatcher Transition Course

King Schools launches “Flying the Cessna Skycatcher.”

“Flying the Cessna Skycatcher” is a new course from King Schools designed specifically for pilots transitioning to the Skycatcher or for those who would like to know what the airplane is like to fly. The Cessna Skycatcher is a light-sport airplane, powered by a Continental O-200D engine and equipped with a Garmin G300 avionics suite, which includes synthetic vision, satellite weather and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s digital airport directory.

The course includes more than three hours of video, including demonstrations of all basic maneuvers in the airplane.

“If you are already a pilot, you’ll find this course gives you just what you need — from using the amazing Garmin G300 to understanding how to best fly this very capable little airplane,” concludes Martha King.
In the video course, she says the Skycatcher’s visibility is fabulous and the handling a delight.

Flying the Cessna Skycatcher” is available for $149.


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