Low-Cost FreeFlight Rangr ADS-B Unit Certified

FreeFlight Systems has received FAA certification for its Rangr FDL-978-RX ADS-B receiver with optional built-in WAAS GPS receiver.

The Rangr unit receives ADS-B Flight Information Service Broadcast (FIS-B) data services including graphical weather. It also receives ADS-B Traffic Information Service-Broadcast (TIS-B) data when integrated with a certified ADS-B Out transmitter, and “sees” other traffic directly when within line-of-sight of other ADS-B Out-equipped aircraft.

An optional WAAS GPS provides aircraft position, velocity and other information to an ADS-B Out transmitter. The WAAS GPS is certified to TSO-C145c and is approved as a high-integrity position source for ADS-B and for terrain awareness and other safety systems.

List price for the Rangr FDL-978-RX without the integrated WAAS GPS is $1,495 and $3,295 with the integrated WAAS GPS.

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