FAA Certifies Aspen Avionics’s New VFR Flight Display

Aspen Avionics VFR Flight Display

Aspen Avionics has received FAA certification for the VFR version of its Evolution primary flight display, billed as the first glass panel upgrade designed specifically for pilots flying under visual flight rules.

Why offer a VFR-only PFD? Aspen says its market research shows VFR pilots and non-current IFR pilots represent over 50 percent of the flying population. "This is a segment of the flying public that has been underserved with an affordable glass panel solution," said John Uczekaj, Aspen president and CEO.

Priced at $4,995, the VFR PFD can be converted to IFR duty through a simple software upgrade, Aspen says.

Options offered with the display include XM weather, traffic alerts (TAS), Stormscope lightning, synthetic vision (the unit must first be upgraded to the IFR-capable EFD1000 Pro version) and ADS-B capability.

The VFR PFD starts shipping this month, Aspen says.

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