BendixKing KLR 10 AOA Indicator Gains FAA Approval

Bendix/King KLR 10

Following the FAA's recent policy guidance making it easier to install angle-of-attack indicators in small airplanes, BendixKing reports it has received a letter of approval from the agency green lighting sales of the company's new KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator.

The KLR 10 is designed to provide instantaneous readouts of angle-of-attack on a small cockpit indicator fitted in the pilot's forward line of sight. Priced at $1,600, the unit uses color coding to provide AOA information, with red indicating little lift is left and green indicating there is enough lift for stable flight. The KLR 10 also issues audible warnings such as "Check AOA" and "Caution, too slow" when it is connected through the audio panel.

The FAA's new policy covering AOA indicators means no installation STC is required, which will substantially reduce install costs for buyers. BendixKing says the KLR 10 is available for purchase immediately through its dealer network.

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