Aspen Unveils ADS-B Solutions

** Aspen Avionics ATX200G**

At AEA Aspen Avionics unveiled a lineup of ADS-B solutions designed to work with the company’s popular compact and low-profile Evolution Flight Displays. The first unit, which Aspen calls “Connected Weather,” is a Wi-Fi receiver and interface to Evolution displays that gives pilots ADS-B weather products directly on their Evolution displays. The receiver connects through Aspen’s innovative Connected Panel system and retails for $949.

Aspen also unveiled a trio of panel mount products that, again, interface with its Evolution Flight Displays, with increasing capability. The ARX100 is a dual-band (UAT and 1090) ADS-B receiver that retails for $1695. It is an in-only solution that gives pilots weather and traffic on their Aspen display. The ARX200 is a dual-band ADS-B transceiver that sells for $3995 and gives operators a solution that complies with the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate. The ATX200G dual-band in, 978 MHz out ADS-B transceiver, adds a certificated WAAS GPS receiver, part of the ADS-B mandate, for operators who don’t have a WAAS compatible receiver in their Evolution Flight Display equipped airplanes. It sells for $4995.


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