Aspen Avionics Expands ADS-B Offerings

New products due out this fall.

Aspen Avionics is expanding its line of ADS-B products to include more options to meet the FAA’s upcoming 2020 mandate and allow customers to take advantage of additional optional features.

Aspen will soon begin offering a number of single- and dual-band ADS-B transceivers allowing basic compliance with the NextGen rule plus additional capability such as display of traffic and weather information in the cockpit.

The Albuquerque, New Mexico company announced five new ADS-B products at Oshkosh, ranging in price from around $1,700 up to $5,500, all of which will provide ADS-B In traffic and weather information for presentation on a cockpit display.

The units that will give buyers basic ADS-B Out functionality to meet the mandate are the $3,495 ATX100 and $4,995 ATX100G. Both include an ADS-B Out transmitter and are compatible with Mode A/C transponders. The ATX100G adds a WAAS GPS receiver for aircraft that don’t already have an approved position source.

The $1,695 ARX100 is a dual-band ADS-B In receiver for aircraft that already have a Mode S transponder with Extended Squitter plus a WAAS GPS navigation receiver and already meet the ADS-B Out requirement. It provides only the ADS-B subscription-free weather and traffic.

Two higher end units are the dual-band $3,995 ATX200 and $5,495 ATX200G. Both include dual-band ADS-B In transceiver and 978 MHz ADS-B Out capability. The ATX200G adds a WAAS GPS receiver.

Aspen said its single-band ADS-B products will hit the market in October.

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