Aspen Avionics ATX100 ADS-B Shipping

New unit interfaces with popular Garmin GNS 430W/530W navigators.

Aspen Avionics is now shipping its new ATX100 ADS-B transceivers. The units seem a great solution to owners who have the Aspen Evolution primary flight display with the Garmin GNS 430W or 530W in the panel too.

The ATX100 can use the position feed from a WAAS capable Garmin navigator, eliminating the need for owners to install a separate WAAS antenna, which is often the most costly part of an ADS-B installation. The cost of the ATX100 is $2,645, not including installation.

The aircraft also needs to have a Mode A/C or Mode-S transponder installed, as is the case with all installs. Approved for operations below 18,000 feet, the 978 mHz UAT ATX100 is also capable of supplying free weather data and displays of traffic.

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