Avidyne Selects Planephd.com for Market Data Analytics

Planephd’s mission is to bring transparency to general aviation market trends.

Melbourne, Florida-based Avidyne, the designer and builder of avionics for the aviation industry said yesterday that they’ve chosen Planephd.com from Dallas, Texas, to provide them with intelligence-based data solutions to track general aviation market trends using Planephd’s OEM insight tools. With a rich database that includes eight years of historical data and a constant influx of new data, Planephd.com brings together data from multiple industry sources (past and present) to provide revolutionary data to help aid decision-making for clients, including end-users, brokers, and—now—OEMs. Planephd’s website says the company’s “mission is to bring transparency to general aviation. Born from pioneers in finance and researchers in statistics and artificial intelligence, Planephd has assembled a comprehensive dataset which includes data on all US registered aircraft.”

When Avidyne begins using the OEM insights, they’ll receive custom data points each month to develop an accurate snapshot of changes to the general aviation aviation marketplace. Avidyne will use the data to create a tactical advantage as they attempt to focus their business on the right products, customers and services.

In a Planephd.com news release, Tom Harper, Avidyne’s director of marketing said, “We chose Planephd.com because they presented us with a data mining solution that simply hadn’t existed in the GA market before. PlanePhD gives us customized access to detailed and specific aircraft information including the aircraft’s avionics content, allowing us to more finely target our end-customer marketing efforts and align them with our current product offerings and promotions.”


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