Aspen Avionics Releases Software Update to Address AD

Aspen’s flight displays were impacted by ADS-B test signals broadcast by certain ground towers. Courtesy Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics has received FAA approval for a software update to address an airworthiness directive the agency issued in February. The AD affects Aspen's Evolution Flight Displays with software version 2.9 and is intended to prevent a possible inflight reset of FIS-B-equipped EFD1000-500 systems when they are connected to an ADS-B transponder and receive improperly formatted ADS-B data. The inflight reset issue was traced to ADS-B system testing that sent erroneous data to the Aspen displays, causing them to reset.

Aspen has issued Service Bulletin SB-2019-01, which provides Aspen authorized dealers with instructions for upgrading EFD1000/500 Electronic Flight Displays to the new software version Aspen says dealers have been informed about the availability of the Service Bulletin and affected customers should contact their authorized dealer to install the updated software. The software update to the Aspen displays will prevent similar issues in the future.


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