When the ‘Spruce Goose’ Took Flight

Howard Hughes' giant wooden seaplane took its first flight 75 years ago.
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Dornier Do-31: World’s First and Only VTOL Jet Transport Ever Built

The Do-31 utilized the same main engines as the Harrier, complete with their own rotatable nozzles to control direction during vertical flight.
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Unique Aircraft: The duPont DP-2, a Futuristic VTOL Boondoggle

Resembling a composite, modernized version of the 1950s-era Bell X-14, the duPont Aerospace DP-2 concept failed to deliver on lofty promises.
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Unique Aircraft: Northrop X-4 Bantam

The semi-tailless design helped iron out the problems of transonic flight.
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The Striking Lines of the Howard 250 Executive

How a World War II-era military transport became a go-to luxury airplane for large corporations.
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The Unconventional Fisher P-75 Eagle

The U.S. Army Air Forces took a gamble on this hodgepodge aircraft, which later proved to be a poor bet.
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The Wing Derringer: A ‘Sports Car’ of the Aircraft World

This compact twin offers speed and straightforward handling.
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Why Only One WACO RPT Was Made

The aircraft was not selected for a military contract, and we found out why.
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When Piper Built a Warbird

The Piper PA-48 Enforcer was the meanest turboprop the company ever built.
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The Edgar Percival E.P.9 and Its Unusually Useful Design

This short, but massive British utility aircraft was produced in limited numbers in the 1950s.
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