The Practical Endurance of the Piper Cherokee Six

FLYING investigates what it's like to own, maintain, and fly the original Cherokee Six.
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The Cessna 170 Is a Ticket to Adventure

This tailwheel offers the satisfaction and fun of a taildragger with flexibility and utility.
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Approachable Aircraft: Ercoupe

The easy-to-fly Ercoupe makes for a little dream to own.
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Approachable Aircraft: Beech Sundowner and Musketeer

Cruising along in this solid single-engine piston classic.
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Approachable Aircraft: Stinson 108

The flying station wagon carries on a classic theme.
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The Piper Colt: A Real Contender

Whether in tricycle or tailwheel configuration, this economical cruiser shows its value.
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Cessna 162 Skycatcher

An approachable aircraft with lively performance—when you know its limitations
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Approachable Aircraft: Grumman AA-5 Series

Enough Speed, with Little to Compromise
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Approachable Aircraft: The Cessna 120/140

Buy your last aircraft first.
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