BRS Offers Useful Load Increase for Cessna 182

Benefit included in all new BRS systems for 182Q model.

Cessna 182Q owners who install a ballistic recovery system (BRS) in their airplanes will now get an added bonus — 160 pounds of extra gross weight.

According to an announcement made by BRS Aerospace this week, that 160 pounds of gross weight will translate into a net increase of 65 to 75 pounds of useful load after the parachute has been installed. Best of all, no extra modifications or hardware are needed to get the extra carrying capacity.

“This is great news for those C182 owners who may have wanted to install a BRS, but were hesitant due to the decrease in net useful load,” said founder of BRS Aerospace Boris Popov.

The improvement is now included in all new Cessna 182Q parachute systems sold by BRS. BRS Aerospace was founded in 1980 and has installed more than 30,000 parachute systems to date.

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