Windecker to Develop Clean Sheet Airplane

A follow-on to the first certified composite single is in the works.

The Windecker Eagle may soon get a stable mate as Windecker Aircraft Company has announced its intent to develop a clean-sheet design to follow the historic composite single-engine piston-powered airplane, which was certified in the late 1960s. Only a handful of Eagles were built and Windecker recently restored one to flying condition. That airplane will be brought to China for serial production.

While the company is Chinese-owned, it intends to develop and produce the new design in the United States. John Roncz, a highly experienced and talented engineer who helped with the restoration work on the Eagle, has been assigned to be the chief designer on the new project. Roncz said the airplane will “raise the standards for speed, efficiency and pilot/passenger comfort.”

Like the Eagle, the new airplane will be a composite, high-performance, single-engine, low-wing, four-seat airplane. No details have been release as to what avionics, engine or other details the new airplane will include, other than the equipment will be tailored to the international market and will incorporate new technologies. The airplane will be produced in China and the U.S.


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