What the Russian Air Force Has in the Sky

As war begins with Ukraine, Russia definitely has a numbers advantage.

Russia is the No. 2 airpower in the world, behind the U.S, according to Globalfirepower.com. 

The Russian Air Force is based in Moscow and is reported to have approximately 850,000 personnel and 4,173 aircraft, ranging from: 

  • MiG-35, Yak and Sukhoi fighters
  • Special purpose and pursuit aircraft
  • Ilyushin and Antonov transports
  • Tupolev Tu 22M, Tu 95 bombers 

Number Crunch

Russia’s Air Force is made up of: 

  • 772 fighter aircraft
  • 739 dedicated attack aircraft
  • 445 transports
  • 522 trainers
  • 132 aircraft designated as special mission
  • 1,543 helicopters, of which 544 are designated as attack helicopters


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