Watch the We Fly Bristell SLSA

The light sport aircraft makes a fine cross-country machine.

The Bristell SLSA is a prime candidate for acceptance in the expanded light sport category promised by the MOSAIC initiative. [Credit: Leonardo Correa Luna]

The combination of responsive yet solid flight controls, respectable climb performance, and advanced avionics mean the Bristell SLSA makes a great two-person cross-country flying machine—or a great way to build skill towards an instrument rating and the competence to fly heavier, faster airplanes. 

Powered by a turbocharged Rotax 915iS turning a DUC 4-blade or Sensenich 3-blade prop, the Bristell uses that 135 horsepower at max continuous to leap off the runway, as it did both in Editor in Chief Julie Boatman’s test flights and during the photo shoot for the feature in FLYING shot down at Naples Airport in Florida.

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