Unchaining the Imaginative Flight Within

The reality of general aviation catches up with dreams of freedom.
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Misses, Near and Far…

Human error is alive and well.
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The Unexpected Perks of an OCD Annual

While obsessive-compulsive disorder may be a pathology you do not wish in your life partner, consider yourself blessed to find it in your ...
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The Final Airplane in This Life of Mine?

Airplane ownership can spur a never-ending desire to upgrade.
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Inspired Individuals

The path to innovation is sometimes lonely.
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Trust But Verify

The decision-making process for the layperson who is deciding whether to fly with a friend is a complicated one that reveals a lot ...
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Current Confidence

When confronted with an inoperative autopilot, a pilot is grateful for recurrent training on his instrument rating.
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Redefining What it Means to Be a ‘Lazy Pilot’

At a certain point, when a pattern becomes so repetitive with zero deviation, you stop looking for the change. It’s confirmation bias at ...
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The Weight of Hearing ‘State Your Intentions’

While consensus is good, in an airplane inflight—where things are moving in real time—it’s an autocracy and there’s only one decision-maker that counts.
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This Pilot-Author Lives His Life In Motion

Airplanes, dirt bikes, and snowboards help keep his life moving, just how he likes it.
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