TKM Avionics Introduces Slide-in Replacement for King KX 155/165

TKM Avionics announced a new slide-in replacement for King KX155/165 navcoms that pilots can install themselves. TKM Avionics

TKM Avionics announced another milestone at this week’s Sun n Fun with a new slide-in replacement for King KX155/165 navcoms. Vic Casebolt, TKM’s operations manager, said the new unit will replace every variation of the original King radio and can operate on either a 14- or 28-volt system and comes standard with VOR, glideslope and touch-screen capabilities. The KX 155/165 replacements are EASA compliant to 8.33-khz spacing. Because all TKM radios are direct plug-and-play replacements, aircraft owner/operators can perform the update themselves, with only an aircraft logbook note required.

TKM’s KX 155/165 replacement features a master volume knob that also allows the nav and com volumes to be adjusted separately. Frequency memory includes user-defined channel codes for nav and com, automatic and manual brightness controls and graph displays for volume, digital squelch, brightness and transmit level adjustments to reduce pilot workload. Systems also include built-in over-temp mitigation, improved transient voltage protection, 10-watt minimum output power and an integrated faults page that includes an evaluation of antenna and cable health.

When the new KX155/165 replacement radio is released sometime this summer, TKM expects it to sell for approximately $3,000.

TKM Avionics, formerly known as TKM Michael Avionics, a Scottsdale-based company, has delivered some 37,000 replacement radios to the GA industry since its formation in 1968.

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