This 1961 Mooney M20B Is a Fast, Fuel-Sipping ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick 

Early Mooney M20s are surprisingly fast considering the modest size and power of their engines.

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Today’s Top Pick is a 1961 Mooney M20B.

Albert Mooney designed several aircraft for a variety of missions during his career. A number of them were well-known, including the Culver Cadet and Mooney M-18 Mite. The M20 series, which debuted in the 1950s, was by far the most popular. Based somewhat on the single seat Mite, the M20 was larger, had four seats and engines that increased in power and displacement over time. For most of its life, the M20 was known for providing a lot of performance in an efficient, economical package.

While the M20’s exterior is trim and compact, I would not call its cabin “cramped” or “tight.” Inside, the airplane feels like a lot of thought went into allocating the available space. Mooney owners I know talk mostly about their airplanes’ smooth, nimble handling, and how they perform like big-bore models while sipping fuel more like a Cessna 172.

This 1961 Mooney M20B has 3,215 hours on the airframe, 20 hours since overhaul on its 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1D engine and 20 hours since new on its Hartzell Scimitar propeller.

The panel includes dual Uavionix AV-30Cs with a magnetometer and OAT, uAvionix TailBeaconX transponder with ADS-B out, Bendix King KY97A com, Terra TN200/TX720 nav/com, Terra Tri NavC, Apollo GX55 GPS, S-Tec 30 autopilot, and JPI EDM 700 engine monitor.

Pilots looking for style and speed in an efficient, economical package should take a look at this 1961 Mooney M20B, which is available for $67,000 on AircraftForSale.

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