Texas Aircraft Manufacturing Unveils Stallion SLSA

Powered by a 200 hp Lycoming engine, the Stallion S-LSA offers affordability and versatility.

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing Wednesday unveiled its four-seat Stallion light sport aircraft build. [courtesy Texas Aircraft Manufacturing]

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Plane & Pilot digital.

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing, in collaboration with sister company Inpaer in Brazil, has announced the introduction of the Stallion SLSA, a four-place aircraft that combines light sport performance and efficiency with enhanced capabilities for the general aviation and flight training markets. 

The Stallion SLSA would be the Hondo, Texas-based company’s inaugural aircraft to receive approval under the FAA’s proposed MOSAIC regulatory basis.

The first prototype of the Stallion SLSA was constructed at the Inpaer facility in Campinas outside of Sao Paulo. It is presently undergoing flight testing to gather data for the finalization of its design and eventual certification—hopefully—under the FAA’s new SLSA framework. 

“While we await the FAA’s decision on the LSA 2023 [MOSAIC] requirements, the Stallion is already in the ASTM approval process in Brazil. We anticipate commencing the same process in the United States in early 2024,” said Kyle Braga, Texas Aircraft’s North American sales representative. “Our plan is to showcase the Stallion at next year’s Sun ‘n Fun event in Lakeland, Florida.”

In acknowledgment of the contributions of chief designer Caio Jordão, Braga said, “his guidance has been instrumental in bringing the all-new Stallion to fruition.”

The Texas Aircraft Stallion SLSA offers the following preliminary specifications:

  • Four-place, SLSA
  • 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 engine
  • Extra-wide doors for easy passenger access
  • Welded Chromoly safety cell
  • All aviation-grade aluminum airframe
  • Maximum cruise speed: 135 knots*
  • Best economy cruise speed: 120 knots*
  • Stall speed clean: 58 knots*
  • Stall speed full flaps: 52 knots*
  • Maximum range: 1,144 nm at best economy cruise*

*Note: All specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

Amy Wilder is managing editor for Plane & Pilot magazine. She fell in love with airplanes at age 8 when her brother-in-law took her up in a Cessna 172. Pretty soon, Amy's bedroom walls were covered with images of vintage airplanes and she was convinced she'd be a bush pilot in Alaska one day. She became a journalist instead, which is also somewhat impractical—but with fewer bears. Now she's working on her private pilot certificate and ready to be a lifelong student of the art of flying.

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