IFR Proficiency Center Tests Pilots at Flying Aviation Expo

The IFR Proficiency Center at the Flying Aviation Expo was abuzz this weekend with fliers putting their stick and rudder prowess to the test with Redbird Flight Simulator scenarios designed to mimic real-life flight situations.

The Proficiency Center, located in the center of the exhibit hall and manned by the National Association of Flight Instructors, featured nearly a dozen simulators available to attendees looking to try their hand at one of three different flight challenges. Whether flying into Long Beach or encountering hazardous weather midflight, the scenarios prompted sim pilots to bring their A game and stretch their flying skills to higher levels.

In addition to the simulator scenarios, the Proficiency Center featured a number of different Tech Talks hosted by Jeppesen. Covering a variety of topics including everything from weather risks to innovations in charting, the talks attracted large crowds as pilots piled in to hear tips and insight to better their instrument flying.

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