Special Air Traffic Procedures in Place for Flying Aviation Expo

In anticipation of the large number of aircraft flying into Palm Springs, California, this weekend for Flying Aviation Expo 2014, temporary VFR air traffic procedures are being put in place from October 31 to November 2 to handle the influx of traffic.

To make it easy to comply with the special procedures, we've put together this informational packet containing all the information you'll need to get in and out of Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) with minimal hassle. The packet also highlights parking areas for airplanes arriving for the Expo, as well as arrival procedures for reliever airports, which include Jacqueline Cochran Airport (TRM) and Bermuda Dunes (UDD).

Official Aviation Expo hotels report being about 75 percent booked, but there are still rooms available at great rates. For more information, visit the Expo 2014 travel page on our website.

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