Video: Hawker Sea Fury Crash-Lands at Airshow

A Hawker Sea Fury that was flying as part of the Royal Navy Culdrose Air Day in Cornwall, in the southwestern corner of England, crash-landed last week in front a large crowd. Video shows smoke coming out of the engine cowl as the 1940s-era fighter approached the runway.

The landing gear was extended just before the Sea Fury touched down. The right gear collapsed shortly before the left gear and the airplane skidded to a stop before the pilot, identified by the BBC as Lieutenant Commander Christopher Götke, quickly climbed out. There appeared to be no fire as a result of the crash.

Other than confirming that one of its airplanes "carried out an unplanned but controlled landing" and that there were no injuries to the pilot nor to any members of the public, the Royal Navy has not made any public announcements about what may have caused the crash. There is, however, an investigation underway.

Götke joined the Royal Navy in 1992 and has been flying the Sea Fury since the end of 2006, according to the Royal Navy's Historic Flight's website.

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