Test Pilot Survives Flying Car Crash

Photo: MH/nitra.sme.sk

The AeroMobil 3.0 prototype developed in Slovakia crashed on a test flight on Friday. The pilot and inventor of the flying car, Štefan Klein, suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash and was able to exit the cabin by his own strength, according to the _Prague Post. _

The vehicle reportedly entered a spin from which Klein could not recover. He deployed a parachute at an altitude of approximately 900 feet, according to a statement from AeroMobil.

Since the early days of aviation, several companies have tried and failed to develop a viable flying car. While this unfortunate event may mean the end of the AeroMobil program, the company appears to view the incident as just a normal part of testing.

"In the process of developing new vehicles, especially in the prototype phase, the possibility and likelihood of an unexpected situation is a natural part of the testing program," the AeroMobil statement said.

Testing of the current prototype 3.0 and further product development will continue after the replacement of the damaged parts, the statement continued. However, from the looks of the images of the wreckage, it is not a matter of replacing a few parts. It appears that the vehicle would require major reconstruction to fly again.

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