Hawker Jet Crashes into Akron Apartment Building


As details of a tragic crash of a Hawker business jet emerge, it has been confirmed that nine people lost their lives when the airplane crashed into an apartment building in Ellet, a neighborhood in Akron, Ohio, on Tuesday.

While the apartment building and an adjacent home were destroyed in the post crash fire, it appears that nobody on the ground was hurt in the crash. While the names of the victims have not been officially released, they were members of a real estate team from Palm Beach, Florida-based Pebb Enterprises. The company’s website states that two of its executives and five employees died in the crash.

The Hawker jet was chartered by Execuflight, which has been operating out of Fort Lauderdale for the past 15 years, according to The Air Charter Guide. The company’s website and facebook page have been suspended. The Air Charter Guide has the company listed as operating three Hawker jets, three Gulfstreams and a Westwind.

According to local news outlet WHIO the airplane had taken off from the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (KMGY) and was approaching the Akron Fulton International Airport (KAKR). The airplane’s wing hit a power line during a turn and the airplane crashed into the top of the apartment building, the WHIO report said.

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