Harrison Ford Completes Safe Emergency Landing

Avid pilot injured in forced landing on golf course.

Harrison Ford made a successful emergency landing this afternoon at the Penmar Golf Course just off the departure end of Santa Monica Airport’s Runway 21. Ford was flying his Ryan PT-22 and from the crash footage it appears that he did a terrific job of making the forced landing as safely as he could, targeting the open golf course in an area that is otherwise congested with buildings and cars.

The Ryan PT-22, a military tailwheel trainer that was built in the early 1940s, has a Kinner R-540 engine and is known for its challenging flight characteristics. A Live ATC recording revealed that Ford reported an engine failure before making the forced landing.

While the FAA was unable to confirm that Ford was in the airplane, Ian Gregor, the public affairs manager of the FAA’s Pacific Division, said that the pilot was transported to the hospital. Multiple media reports have identified the pilot as Ford, an avid aviator who has done terrific work advocating for the aviation industry. Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott told The Los Angeles Times that Ford suffered fair to moderate injuries. Ford’s son later wrote on his Twitter that his dad was “battered, but ok!” We wish him a speedy recovery.

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