Great Performance, Good Value in Turboprop Airplanes

Turboprops strike a balance in the owner-flown market.
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The Value of an Aircraft Type Club

Does membership in a type club make you a safer pilot?
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The Perfect Single-Engine Piston Airplane for You

Make the right buy to suit your personal aircraft mission.
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Wipaire’s Family on Floats

A floatplane manufacturer celebrates 60 years making mods.
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The Piper Colt: A Real Contender

Whether in tricycle or tailwheel configuration, this economical cruiser shows its value.
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An Unqualified Pilot—But Not Disqualified

Several colleagues knew of a pilot’s limitations before a fatal 767 accident.
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Detonation Grounds a Mooney

A hiccup in the engine drives a pilot to a precautionary landing.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Next Generation

The legacy flight simulation program inspires a new cadre of pilots.
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Aviation Insurance in Hard Times

The insurance industry reflects the current mood.
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