Air BP Spotlights Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Efforts focus on how solid waste from homes and businesses create sustainable aviation fuel.
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Sustainable Fuels Power Marquee Fleets Into NBAA-BACE

Embraer, Gulfstream, join others in utilizing sustainable aviation fuels for the journey.
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World Fuel Services to Go Carbon-Neutral at NBAA-BACE

The company predicts 150,000 gallons of SAF to be consumed during the show.
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Industry Leaders Promote Alternative Jet Fuels

Presentations, workshops and demonstration flights bring light to the benefits of green fuels.
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Van Nuys Forum Will Launch Alternative Jet Fuel Into the Marketplace

Event represents another step in the use of sustainable fuel sources.
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Navy Moving Toward 100 Percent Renewable Jet Fuel?

New biofuel has proved to be compatible with current fuel distribution infrastructure.
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Alaska Airlines Completes Commercial Flight Fueled by Wood Waste

Company says cross-country trip on biofuel blend emitted 70 percent less carbon dioxide.
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Swift Fuels Sells Unleaded Avgas at DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

Inaugural event draws fans of LSAs and experimental airplanes to central Florida.
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FAA Approves Ethanol-based Biojet Fuel

The alcohol-derived synthetic kerosene blend is produced from corn and sugar as an alternative to petroleum jet fuel.
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FAA Selects Two Unleaded Fuels for Testing

The agency has named two finalist fuels for further testing as plans for the phaseout of 100LL avgas in 167,000 GA airplanes move ...
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