AA587: The Perils of Flying by the Book

When the NTSB reported the rudder of AA Flight 587 came off at below maneuvering speed, it should've given all pilots pause.
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Amateur Accidents

Why do homebuilts and their pilots come to harm so often? Peter looks at a variety of accidents and spots some alarming trends.
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Inadequate Preflight

The NTSB often cites hasty or neglected preflight inspections as an accident cause, but is there more to the story?
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Like A Tractor

The owner/pilot of a Cessna 175 dies after his airplane crashes into a rocky ledge. The NTSB focused on maintenance, but was that ...
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The Hazard of Oz

A 337 breaks up and rains down from 27,000 feet. Amazingly, the right seat passenger lives to tell how it happened.
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Bad Vibrations

Find what "residual hinge moment" and "rudder flutter" are and why they may have been the cause of the wreckage of a Grob ...
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What lessons were learned when a Grob and an RV-6 collided in Colorado?
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Judgment Call

Flying in inclement weather can turn even the most minor of errors into a fatal one.
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