STC Approved for Hartzell Propeller Three-Blade Mooney Bravo Prop

Airplanes covered by the STC are powered by TIO-540-AF1A and TIO-540-AF1B turbocharged Lycoming Sabre engines.

Better climb performance and a higher cruise speed are two things that owners of the Mooney M20M/TLS Bravo can look forward to when they replace their McCauley propeller with Hartzell Propeller‘s 75-inch-diameter, three-bladed aluminum prop.

The supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Hartzell prop was approved this week. Airplanes covered by the STC are powered by TIO-540-AF1A and TIO-540-AF1B turbocharged Lycoming Sabre engines.

“Installing Hartzell’s scimitar-style prop covered by this STC delivers 8 to 10 percent improvement in climb performance, a 2 to 3 knot increase in cruise,” said Hartzell president JJ Frigge, adding that the propeller has the Hartzell Top Prop 2,400-hour, 6-year time between overhaul, and warranty until first overhaul.

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According to Hartzell, through the years, about 10,000 Mooney airplanes have been equipped with Hartzell props. One of the launch platforms of the first Hartzell two-blade compact aluminum propellers in the early 1960s was the Mooney M20C. Through the decades, the M20 airframe was improved with the addition of metal wings, generations of avionics advances, fuselage stretches, increased gross weights, and more horsepower.

A Hartzell company spokesperson notes, “There have been regular inquiries on a prop for these aircraft in the years since their manufacture (1989 to 2006) to improve on the original propeller’s performance and take advantage of Hartzell performance. When we realized we had a winner and had the time and manpower to run the STC program, we gave it the green light. 

“With only a couple of exceptions, for most of the M20 series manufacturing run, Hartzell has been the propeller of choice. This fixes the gap in coverage with arguably the best high-altitude blade ever installed on a six cylinder turbo-charged M20.”

The Hartzell Propeller Top Prop kit, HC-I3YF-1RF/F7498-1, is available for $15,839. The kit includes a propeller, an all-composite spinner assembly, and STC documentation. 

Hartzell Propeller and sister companies, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC and AWI-AMI, form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc.


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