So You Started Your Flight Training

Staying Current With Pilot Training, Rules, and Regulations

Now that your flight training’s underway, you need to keep up the momentum. It’s easy at first, when everything’s new, but as you continue tracking progress, you may find you want more support and information than you can get within your chosen training program. 

We’ll introduce you to resources where you can find the most up-to-date rules and regulations governing flight, as well as the tools you can use to plan flights and keep tabs on the weather. As if you don’t have a crowded screen already, we’ll point you to the coolest apps that our pilots and instructors have found to keep current and make flying life easier. 

Finally, you want to find pilot friends, and maybe a mentor to help you through any rough spots. Our hub of flight forums provides a way for you to network within the aviation community—both for now and as you go through recurring pilot training down the road.

FAA Flight Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration drafts and manages a host of regulations governing flight. While their remit covers the entire spectrum of aerial activities, there are a few key sections for you to focus on as you begin flight training.

The FAA regulations break down into several “parts,” and take care of specific kinds of operations, like those for private or personal flying, and those for commercial operations that are “held out” to the public—like the airlines.

The FAA also manages rules covering drone and UAS operations, and those for ultralights and parachuting. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) also drafts standards covering Light Sport aircraft.

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Flight Tools

When you begin your flight training, you will need to learn a number of different ways to plan for each flight, especially those that leave the airport’s traffic area. Once you have the traditional methods down solid, a variety of flight planners and weather tools can help you streamline your preflight preparations and determine the best route to take, for example.

You’ll also find tools to help you with travel plans, and the right online airport directory to guide you to your destination—and figure out what to do when you get there, both in terms of taking care of the airplane on the ground, and finding accommodations, food, and other services. You'll also need to build your own flight bag, and we have great ideas for the kind of tools you'll need for your kit.

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Flight Apps

It’s no surprise that there are a ton of apps out there to help support you in your flight training. You’ll want to dedicate time each week to studying for your knowledge exams and practical tests—and you may find an app that allows you to review while you’re out and about, or in the learning environment that suits you best.

The best flight training apps generally correspond to the pilot certificate level you wish to pursue, but there are also those that dive into specific areas that you want to work on. Most pilots have some subject they struggle with during training, and these apps can help you break through those stubborn areas.

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Flight Forums

Welcome to your new aviation family! The community of pilots encourages you to seek them out, whether it’s to participate in events at your local airport, find a friend or mentor, or just go fly. The only limit to the breadth of activities that aviation has to offer lies in your imagination.

We’ve selected these popular forums and associations that can connect you with like-minded pilots, both in your area and around the world. You can turn to them for support during your training, and also through them give back by volunteering to help entice new pilots to aviation.

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