Flight Training Resources

Staying Current With Pilot Training, Rules, and Regulations

Now that your flight training is underway, you need to keep up the momentum. It’s easy at first, when everything’s new, but as you continue tracking progress, you may find you want more support and information than you can get within your chosen training program.

We’ll introduce you to resources where you can find the most up-to-date rules and regulations governing flight, as well as the tools and accessories you can use to plan flights and keep tabs on the weather. As if you don’t have a crowded screen already, we’ll point you to the coolest flight apps that our pilots and instructors have found to keep current and make flying life easier.

Finally, you want to find pilot friends, and maybe a mentor to help you through any rough spots. Our hub of flight forums provides a way for you to network within the aviation community—both for now and as you go through recurring pilot training down the road.


So You’ve Started Flight Training: Sky Rules


So You’ve Started Flight Training: Flight Tools


So You’ve Started Flight Training: Flight Apps


So You Started Flight Training: Flight Forums

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