SkyNext: MyGoFlight PLC Flight Bags and Tocsin 3 CO Monitor

These pieces of gear are essentials for the cockpit.

This month we’re featuring two cockpit must-haves. Left undetected, carbon monoxide will deprive the body’s cells of critical oxygen. This silent killer works quickly, so early detection is key. Whether you choose the Tocsin 3 Cockpit Monitor or another product, you owe it to yourself to keep a CO monitor in the cockpit. And a great flight bag … well, that’s a given.

MyGoFlight PLC Pro and Sport Bags

Featuring durable, water-resistant sail-cloth material and well-padded shoulder straps and grips, this backpack fits all your essential flight gear, with compartments for headsets, a handheld radio, iPad, pens, flashlights and much more. See all MyGoFlight products.

Tocsin 3 Cockpit Monitor

Tocsin 3 Cockpit Monitor
$169.95; sportys.com Michael Kraus

Tocsin 3 Cockpit Monitor. Stay alert: Specifically designed for use in the cockpit, this digital sensor unit indicates dangerous carbon monoxide levels with flashing lights, horns and vibrations. The backlit screen displays the current CO level in parts per million. Alarms are customizable but preset at 35 and 100 ppm. $169.95; sportys.com

SkyNext: Tango Lightspeed Wireless ANR Aviation Headset


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