SkyNext: Lightspeed Tango Wireless ANR Aviation Headset

A look at some of the latest tech for pilots.

With all the electronic gadgets and accessories pilots fly with these days, climbing into the cockpit can be like stepping into an overgrown forest of cords and wires. That’s what makes Lightspeed’s new Tango wireless ANR headset so appealing.

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We flew with a pair and can report the sound quality is on par with other top Lightspeed models. The tech at the heart of the Tango headset is called Lightspeed Link. It’s not Bluetooth and it’s not Wi-Fi, but rather Lightspeed’s own connection technology, which can allow up to six Tango headsets to operate simultaneously. The one downside is you’ll have to recharge Tango’s lithium-ion batteries every 12 hours of use, on average, but for many aviators that’s a small price to pay to finally be released from the dreaded mess of the cockpit-cord jungle.

Lightspeed’s new Tango headset is the first premium automatic noise reduction (ANR) model to go wireless. It’s Bluetooth compatible, but the communications link is Lightspeed’s own special connection.
$899 MSRP; Buy It Now

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