Review: Sporty’s AeroWear Golf Polo Makes the Cut

This is now one of the more stylish shirts in my closet.

The newest aviation polo from Sporty’s Pilot Shop has aviation hints while performing. [Credit: Sporty’s Pilot Shop]

If I had my way, I would play golf more than I do.

Recently, a pilot buddy who owns a V-tail Bonanza offered to fly somewhere warmer than southeast Tennessee to play, which is the perfect excuse. Even though I don’t play as much as I want to, a golf polo shirt is my preferred shirt for work or weekends with weather above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (to convert to Celsius, grab your E6B). From my company-issued black FLYING Nike polos to unbranded Peter Millar and Bad Birdie (one of my favorites), my closet is full.

An AeroWear Final Approach polo recently arrived from the folks at Sporty’s Pilot Shop, and as a self-proclaimed golf polo connoisseur, I’m impressed. It has become a new staple, especially in a fly-and-play situation. This would also make for a great gift for pilots after you’ve recovered from the holiday gift-giving season.

Styles: Select from 5 Options

I chose the light blue Final Approach design. The shirt comes in five unique offerings, but the material and fit for each is the same. I am going to place an order when the weather gets nicer and complete the collection. Stylistically, they follow modern golf polo design with small graphics and subtle branding. I would compare the designs to TravisMatthew and the modern Adidas shirt designs that you would find at big-box retailers.

Material: Lightweight and Breathable

This shirt is made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex, and without any cotton, it is quite lightweight. A V-neck undershirt may help out in the colder temperatures. I would compare it with material found in the Bad Birdie golf polo or similar noncotton golf polos. If you’re looking for something with structure, this may not be the right option. In my experience, polyester tends to help wick away sweat and reduce odor during a round of golf.

Hanging up the AeroWear Final Approach polo shirt after opening. [Courtesy: Preston Holland]

The Fit: Size Up if in Question

One thing that frustrates me about golf polos is the wide variety of sizes. I am a broad-chest guy, and golf polo sizing puts me anywhere from a medium to an extra large. I wear a size 44 jacket and a large in most polo shirts, but in this shirt I sized up to an XL, and I’m glad that I did. It is slim through the chest and arms, which means if you’re debating between two sizes, I would select the larger of the two.

Pricing: Very Competitive

If you’ve ever been in a golf clubhouse, you’ll know buying a branded polo will break the bank. It’s often more than the round itself. The AeroWear polo is much cheaper than the competitive specialty golf shirts in its class. As of publishing you can buy one for $59.99 from AeroWear compared to the Bonobos ($89) or Supermex ($89). Plus, having an aviation-themed polo is much cooler than having a sombrero-themed polo. When other pilots see it, they will be jealous.


If you’re looking for a great polo shirt that has subtle aviation tie-ins but isn’t obnoxious, this is a great option. If you’re concerned about fit, default to the larger size. With the trimmer, athletic fit, the right size will be important to perform well on the course, in the cockpit, or in the office. Another pro tip: Wash it before you wear it.

Preston Holland is the COO of FLYING Magazine and a student pilot. Previously, he has lead teams in live events. Best way to connect with him is on Twitter at @prestonholland6

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