What Are the Best Gifts for Pilots?

What are the best gifts for pilots

When looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite aviator, there are lots of options out there, including Black Friday deals. [Credit: Shutterstock]

Most pilots buy what they need, when they need it, so the best gifts for pilots can be overlooked. Thankfully, flying comes with all types of requirements, both beneficial and fun, and we keep it easy to find the best gift for any pilot. 

Whether you have a pilot in need of the right gear for their next flight, or if you’re looking for a fun gift from the kids, we’ve got you covered! Keep gift giving both enjoyable and effective. 

Types of Gifts to Consider for Pilots

From useful cockpit accessories to silly apparel for around the house and more, the best gift for your favorite pilot is just a click away.  


Aviation watches can vary greatly, both in price and function. If you're looking for a deep dive into aviation watches, check out our guide for best pilot watches. To find the best one for the pilot in your life, you need to know the features they need, both in flight and on the ground. 

In-Flight Gifts

From the right water bottle or coffee mug to keep you hydrated to portable chargers and more, the best on-duty pilot gifts are at your fingertips. Make every holiday fun with the right gift(s) for the pilot(s) in your life! 


Ensuring the comfort of the pilot in your life is important. With the right gifts, it’s something you can take charge of with confidence.


Constant clear vision is a must when flying. Finding the best sunglasses for a pilot doesn’t have to be a chore if you know the style and needs they like.

Travel Bags

Every pilot has their own preference when it comes to the travel bag they want on their flight. Knowing the different features of each can help you determine which will make the best gift for the pilot in your life. 


No matter the age, career, or hobby, toys are always fun. Keep the pilot in your life young with entertaining aviation accessories and toys that are fun for all. 


Keychains are a very beneficial tool for any pilot. Sentimental keychains continue to grow in popularity for pilots who use them both on the job and at home. Make sure your pilot knows they’re always on your mind.

The JackRabbit is the super portable micro eBike loved by pilots: only 24 lbs, 20 mph and slims down to 7 inches wide meaning it fits in any sized plane. The perfect way to cruise to and from the FBO. No assembly required.

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Best Watches Gifts for Pilots

Logging flight time is a breeze when you have the best watch. Gift the pilot in your life a stunning and functional timepiece they’ll use for years to come. 

AVI-8 Men's AV-4011 Hawker Hurricane 

Inspired by the rich history of military aviation, the Hawker Hurricane is the watch for the pilot in your life. The hardware under the sleek watch face is dependable Japanese quartz that allows for smooth movement on every flight. 

What We Like: Precise performance

Pricing: $210.00 - $235.00 (Price varies depending on color)

Garmin D2 Air X10

Easily pair a Garmin D2 Air X10 with the Garmin Pilot app and your pilot will have access to their flight plans right on your watch. The versatile watch is hard to beat and should be at the top of the list for student, private, and professional pilots. 

With airport information at your fingertips, you never have to question a runway layout again! 

What We Like: Features galore: pulse oximeter, logbook functions, aviation weather, and more

Pricing: $499.00

Bell & Ross Aviation

Bell & Ross doesn’t disappoint with their high-tech aviation collection. The modern aviation design of this watch gives appeals to pilots and this Swiss made beauty has the hardware to keep it running as long as you can fly. 

Easy to read with even the busiest of hands, when you treat your pilot to this sleek watch, it’s sure to accompany them on all of their flights.

What We Like: Superluminova®- numerals and indices on dial 

Today’s flight simulators are continuously shortening the gap between digital flight and physical flight. No longer are the days of traveling to a training facility and climbing into a five or six-figure device to simulate flying an aircraft. With a comparable home computer and today’s leading-edge software programs, you can create a tangible training platform in the comfort of your own home. The Flight Sim Starter Set includes our most popular yoke, the best throttle on the market, and highly popular pedals to assure you stay on the centerline.

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Best Travel Bag Gifts for Pilots

The right flight bag is an essential piece of equipment and it’s a great gift to give any pilot!

Flight Outfitters Lift XL Flight Bag

Is the pilot in your life looking for a versatile flight bag? Then the Flight Outfitters Lift XL Flight Bag is the one for them! With removable pockets and compartments, this 4-in-1 bag that can be customized to store what you need!

What We Like: Laptop Compatible, FLYING Branded

Pricing: $129.95

Lightspeed Aviation - The Markham

The size of this flight bag makes it functional for every pilot, even on days you aren’t out flying. It comes with plenty of pockets and storage for your headsets, flight logbooks, radios, and more. 

Stay organized with this durable and beautiful flight bag from Lightspeed Aviation. 

What We Like: Outstanding quality and function

Pricing: $249.00

Alpine Swiss Rolling 17” Briefcase on Wheels

When a normal carry on is too big, this rolling briefcase keeps every pilot moving quickly. Pilots love the secure laptop protection and with plenty of room, this bag helps you stay organized, no matter the flight.

What We Like: Lightweight and sturdy 

Pricing: $109.99

Best In-Flight Gifts for Pilots

Finding the most useful flight deck accessories is no longer a hassle. Below are a few of the best on-duty gifts for any pilot. 

A New Pair of On-Duty Shoes

The Original by Amberjack is a black leather dress shoe designed for comfort and style. Made with proprietary athletic materials that deliver incredible comfort, and A-grade full grain leather vertically sourced from one of the world's best tanneries. This is the most comfortable men's dress shoe on the market.

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Amberjack Shoes

For pilots who work in aviation professionally, a comfortable pair of dress shoes is essential. Breathability, comfort, and style all married into one.

What We Like: These shoes are great for all-day wear, and are stylish with any uniform!

Pricing: $179

A Comical Pilot T-Shirt

You can not go wrong with a funny pilot T-Shirt that can help stir up conversation. Take a look at this catalog of funny pilot t-shirts.

Ask Me About My Plane T-Shirt

What We Like: Who doesn't like a T-shirt that produces a smirk?

Pricing: $16.45

VFR Sectional Mug of Home Airport

Whether your pilot loves coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, keep them happy with this VFR sectional mug of their home airport. The easy to grip handle makes it a smooth grab anytime you need it on the flight deck or the car. This makes a great gifts for pilots to show off their home airport.

What We Like: You can get a sectional mug of any airport in the country. 

Pricing: $12.34

The Pilot’s Pen 

Constantly dealing with low-light on the flight deck? This high-quality LED pen will end that struggle. The silver metallic finish keeps it sleek and functional.

What We Like: Includes additional ink cartridges and batteries

Pricing: $17.95

Portable Charger

No matter how prepared you might be, at some point, your batteries will run low. Make sure the pilot in your life doesn’t stress about it. Put the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger in their flight bag. This compact charger weighs less than a pound, making it easy to take on any flight. 

What We Like: Ultra-High Cell Capacity allows for multiple charges.

Pricing: $59.99

Best Apparel Gifts for Pilots

From undergarments to outerwear, a pilot’s apparel is important to ensure their comfort on the flight deck. Keep your pilot feeling good every time they’re in the air with our great apparel gifts for pilots. 

Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket 

This insulated bomber jacket keeps you warm anytime you’re in the cockpit and it makes a great addition to any pilot’s wardrobe. The jacket is made of a soft leather that fits well and keeps you comfortable whether you’re in the air, or in the car on the way to the airport. 

The smooth lining also makes taking it on and off a breeze wherever you are. 

What We Like: Dual entry pockets for ease of access

Pricing: $149.99 - $369.99 (Price depends on size and color) 

Premium Aviation Socks - 3 Pack  

A seam rubbing on your toe can irritate anyone, and when you’re flying an airplane or helicopter, you’re often left to sit with it. The seamless toe closure on these socks helps you avoid that, while the polyester blend keeps you comfortable in the air or at home. 

They also have the extra cushion with the long lasting look any pilot will love!  

What We Like: Arch support, reinforced toe and heel

Pricing: $32.95

Ugly Christmas Sweater for Pilots

When you’re looking for that hard to find gift for the pilot in your life, the Ugly Christmas Sweater for Pilots should be added to your cart instantly. This warm sweater will keep them comfortable whether they’re out flying on Christmas or cozying up at home with family. 

When gift giving gets hard, this fun sweater puts a smile on any pilot’s face. 

What We Like: Who else is going to get it for them? 

Easily pair a Garmin D2 Air with the Garmin Pilot app and your pilot will have access to their flight plans right on your watch. The versatile watch is hard to beat and should be at the top of the list for student, private, and professional pilots. 

With airport information at your fingertips, you never have to question a runway layout again! 

Sticking to a budget? Check out the Best Pilot Gifts for Under $100

Best Sunglasses Gifts for Pilots

Whether driving to the airport, hangar, or flying the aircraft, clear vision is a must for every pilot. The best sunglasses make every flight more enjoyable.

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator - RB3025

These iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses have been providing pilots clear views for decades. The pilot in your life will love the protection they’ll have from glare, whether in flight or on the ground. This lens delivers the trusted eye protection you need at any angle. 

Varying lens and frame options available. 

What We Like: Classic and effective

Pricing: $161.00

Randolph Classic Aviator

These rugged sunglasses were built to fit the fast-paced lifestyle of pilots. With plenty of lens and frame colors to choose from, you can be sure to find a pair that will fit your pilot’s taste perfectly. 

When the aviator look is desired, the Randolph Classic Aviator is the durable go-to you can rely on to hold up, whether you’re wearing them or tossing them in your flight bag!

What We Like: Lifetime warranty

Pricing: $219.00

Serengeti Velocity 

These sunglasses are incredibly lightweight, yet deliver the durability that’s key for any pilot. When you want to improve your vision in the cockpit, the Serengeti Velocity sunglasses are your go-to. You won’t sacrifice comfort or vision when you have these in your flight bag! 

What We Like: Adjusting Photochromic lenses

Pricing: $235.00

Best Toys for Pilots

Keeping flying fun is part of our goal. These gifts can do that for your favorite pilot! 

MyPilotPro Swivel Mount for GoPro

While some may not define this option as a toy, pilots throughout the world continue to have a blast with this gift! It allows you to turn your GoPro any angle or direction with ease. 

Record any flight you pilot with this durable GoPro mount.

What We Like: Easily attachable and detachable

Pricing: $79.95

Scale model of their favorite airplane

Is the pilot in your life the pilot in command of an aircraft that they would like to display proudly? Maybe they are a fan of some of the beautiful general aviation models out there. From airliners with unique liveries to single engine pistons, a 1:200 or 1:400 or even a 1:72 scale model of their favorite aircraft would be an excellent gift for pilots.

What we like: the realistic details of the scale models

Pricing: $67.95

Pilot Joke Book

Who doesn’t love a good joke? This pilot joke book is a great choice for aviators of all experience levels. 

Filled front to back with jokes aviation enthusiasts will appreciate, this is the book your pilot needs when they have downtime in the air or on the ground. 

What We Like: Like “Dad” jokes for pilots! 

Pricing: $6.99

Best Keychain Gifts for Pilots

Small and mighty, a sentimental keychain could say all you need while being a useful accessory for the pilot you love. 

Airplane Bottle Opener

When the flight is over and the cockpit has been filled by a new pilot, make sure your pilot is ready with the airplane bottle opener. 

This is a great gift for the pilot ready to rehydrate on the road or at home. The compact size keeps it useful and easy to take along. 

What We Like: Comes ready to gift in sleek and stylish gift box

Pricing: $7.47

Set of “Always Under the Same Sky” Keychain

This heartfelt set of keychains reminds those close to your pilot that wherever they are, they’re always under the same sky. Never feel too far away with this sentimental pilot gift.

What We Like: Great gift for your significant other or friend! 

Pricing: $10.98

Outfit Your Favorite Pilot with the Perfect Gift Today! 

There is certainly no shortage of gifts for the pilot in your life. There are essential gift options that can ease the hassles of everyday flying, and more sentimental pieces that touch even the toughest of pilots. 

At FlyingMag, we aim to please every pilot in your life, so when the time comes to put a smile on your favorite pilot’s face, subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you find the best pilot’s gift there is. 

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