Piper Offers RVSM Factory Option on Both the M500 and M600

The Piper M500 and M600 will now be able to operate up to their certified ceilings of FL300. Piper Aircraft

As Piper’s current new single-engine turboprop fleet—the M500 and M600—grows in numbers and capabilities, the factory, working with AeroMech, has added reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) as a factory option on all new aircraft. Previously, RVSM could only be added to these airplanes post-production. RVSM certification is required for all aircraft operating worldwide above FL280.

Piper said in a news release, “Operating in RVSM airspace will allow M500 [and] M600 pilots to gain fuel savings, lower their carbon footprint, increase range, and fly above weather. Owners investing in RVSM can expect higher resale values and shorter time on the market when it comes time to sell or trade. The RVSM STC has been approved by the FAA, EASA (Europe), and ANAC (Brazil) with Canadian (TCCA) approval in process.”

Piper Aircraft product marketing manager, Bryant Elliott said, “Opening RVSM airspace for Piper M500 and M600 products is a great opportunity for our owners and operators to unleash the full capability of the aircraft and operate above weather up to FL300 with increased range. Using the AeroMech STC, we can deliver this performance upgrade prior to flyaway using Piper skilled technicians with no avionics changes.”

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