Hartzell Partners with Red Bull Air Races

Hartzell this week announced that it has become the propeller technical partner for the Red Bull Air Races. The partnership means that the propeller maker will provide technical support and maintenance services to the race participants in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships.

Each team will also receive carbon-fiber spinners, lightweight governors and "The Claw." The Claw is a three bladed propeller made of structural composite. Its name came from famed aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker because of its high thrust and low gyroscopic force and inertia.

Twelve pilots will compete in the World Championships, including reigning Red Bull champion Paul Bonhomme from England. In addition to the Hartzell propellers, spinners and governors, all airplanes will be equipped with Lycoming's Thunderbolt engines.

Some modifications have been made to the racecourse in an effort to decrease the risk of the high-intensity, low-level aerobatic competition. The nylon material that makes up the pylons is lighter weight, making it easier to burst through should a pilot go off course. The pylon height has also increased from 20 to 25 meters (67 to 82 feet).

The first in the series of seven races scheduled in 2014 will take place in the end of February in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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