Flying Aviation Expo Coming to Palm Springs This Fall

We at Flying magazine are excited to announce the official launch of the first-ever event in our 87-year history. Hosted in partnership with Lift Event Management, Flying will hold this premier aviation event, known as the Flying Aviation Expo, in beautiful Palm Springs, California, this October 31 through November 2. The expo is shaping up to be the top fly-in aviation conference in the world, attracting both general aviation buffs and industry leaders for a one-of-a-kind weekend event in one of the very best fly-in locales on the planet.

Experts from across the aviation industry will host seminars at the Expo on a wide range of important issues, such as tips on owning your own aircraft, improving night flying safety and alternate ways to rent airplanes, among many others. Flying's own editorial staff will be on site leading and moderating different educational events and panel discussions on the most important topics of the day. Whether you are interested in learning more about the very latest cockpit tools to hit the market or would like to sit in on a discussion about moving up from piston to turboprop airplanes, the Expo will offer something for everyone, from student pilots to those with 40,000-plus hours alike.

Inside the convention hall activity will be abuzz as hundreds of aviation gear manufacturers and aircraft producers showcase their latest products and innovations throughout the weekend. Expo attendees will have the chance to take the first look at several new products slated to be unveiled at the event.

After the sun goes down the Expo will feature a variety of nighttime entertainment, including a Halloween party at the Palm Springs Air Museum, which was recently ranked in the top 15 aviation museums in the world by CNN. Dress as your favorite aviator while taking in the museum's spectacular exhibits and enjoying some refreshments. The Expo will also host evening poolside wine tastings at the nearby Hilton resort, where attendees can soak in the sun and enjoy the beautiful mountain views while sampling the newest release of top California wines.

Tickets for the Expo start at as little as $35 a day, and both event packages and individual event tickets are available. Registration is currently open at, where you can also find a full schedule of events and detailed accommodation information.

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