David Clark Accepts Editors’ Choice Award

Flying's senior editor Stephen Pope paid a visit on Thursday morning to David Clark's booth in Hangar C at the Sun 'n Fun campus to present the Editors' Choice Award.

David Clark's winning product was the DC Pro-X active noise reduction headset. Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, the DC Pro-X weighs about half as much as most active noise cancelling headsets on the market. Key to its design are the ear cups, which sit on top of the ears instead of around them, removing any clamping sensation that can be felt in some headsets. Despite its focus on comfort, the design provides good noise cancelling capabilities, and the $637 price tag beats out many of its competitors as well.

Pope handed over the award to David Clark's aviation market manager, Dennis Buzzell. Also in attendance were regional sales manager Bob Carroll (far left), regional sales manager Aaron Simmons (second from the right) and senior mechanical engineer Melissa Banks (far right).

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