Cessna to Auction Historic Airplane for Charity

Auction proceeds to be donated to AFF.

The Barrett-Jackson collector car auction occasionally gets an airplane or two on the docket and many airplane manufacturers display their new products on the show grounds. For January’s Scottsdale show, Cessna has donated a nicely restored 1959 model L-19 Bird Dog.

Cessna built the Bird Dog on commission by the United States Government as a tandem configured, two-seat derivative of the Cessna 170. Cessna built more than 3,400 L-19s, many of which were used to fight in the Korean war. Proceeds from the auction will be appropriately be donated to a military cause. The money will go to the Armed Forces Foundation (AFF) in support of its efforts to advocate for troops affected by and educate the public about post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

“The funds raised each year help the Foundation continue to support military families and veterans in need of financial assistance,” said AFF president and executive director Patricia Driscoll. “We are proud to return 95 cents of every dollar raised to our programs in order to honor our motto of, ‘Serving those who Serve.'”

In addition to exterior and interior upgrades, the restoration of the Bird Dog includes full IFR capabilities, with a WAAS capable Garmin 430W. The high bidder of the Bird Dog will also get a Dodge M37 three-quarter ton pickup truck, restored and donated by one of Cessna’s customers — Okoboji Classic Cars from West Okoboji, Iowa. The auction of the L-19/M37 package will take place on Saturday, January 18.

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