Is Oshkosh a Good Introduction to Aviation?

We offer tips for making your family visit a memorable one—planting the seeds for a future love of GA.
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What Financial Help Can I Get as an Adult Learning to Fly?

Older students have resources to tap into for flight training—not just funds.
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Finishing a Pilot Certificate with a Disability

Which medical certificate do you need to finish your private pilot training?
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Why Haven’t Leaps in Engine Tech Reached GA?

Piston engines appear to retain 1950s technology to this reader.
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Should You Use Lead-Reducing Fuel Additives?

A FLYING reader asks our A&P author if using these fuel treatments will help their aircraft.
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How to Minimize the Risk of Flying Older Aircraft

To ensure that your older machine will fly safely will take some work on your part.
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Does Xanax or Zoloft Disqualify a Pilot?

A FLYING reader who hasn't flown in a while asks if they can get their flying privileges back if they take these medications.
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What’s Up With These Aircraft Prices?

A FLYING reader has sticker shock. Why is it happening?
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How to Get Your First Pilot Job

Like many other professions, preparation and luck play a big role.
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Can You Be A Pilot If You Have Diabetes?

We explain how someone taking insulin and wants to fly possibly can.
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