Photos: Tavares Seaplane Fly-In

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Pilots from around the state splashed into Lake Dora in the small central Florida town of Tavares, which bills itself America's Seaplane City, for the eighth annual Seaplane-a-Palooza over the weekend. Pilots flew in on Sunday morning for a day filled with events and competitions like shortest takeoff, most accurate landing and best watermelon drop.

Check out some of the planes the event attracted below.

Onlookers check out a Maule M-7. Dave Carriere
A seaplane approaches for a landing on the lake. Dave Carriere
Several experimental planes made a splash at the event. Dave Carriere
A Cessna 182 that landed on Lake Dora. Dave Carriere
A Searey light sport airplane parked near the lake. Dave Carriere
Murphy Rebel Dave Carriere
An experimental two-seater. Dave Carriere
Event attendees get a better look at this experimental plane. Dave Carriere
Lake LA-4 Dave Carriere
A Piper Cub makes a landing on the water. Dave Carriere
A Lake LA-4 shortly after landing. Dave Carriere
The LA-4 makes its way onto dry land. Dave Carriere
Onlookers showed up early to get a closer look at the seaplanes and amphibious aircraft. Dave Carriere
A Lake LA-4 heads toward dry land after splashing into Lake Dora. Dave Carriere
A Piper Super Cub looks out at the lake. Dave Carriere
A seaplane flies high overhead. Dave Carriere
A Cessna 185 tied to a dock at Lake Dora. Dave Carriere
This Searey light sport airplane was the first to arrive Sunday. Dave Carriere
Lake Buccaneer Dave Carriere
Visitors to Tavares can go for a ride in this Cessna 185 operated by Jones Brothers and Co. Dave Carriere
A wall mural celebrates Tavares' status as America's Seaplane City. Dave Carriere
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