Photos: Reno Air Races 2016 Friday

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The action continued on Friday at the 53rd National Championship Air Races in Reno.

Spectators gathered in the desert heat to watch Jet, Sport and T-6 class races, and were treated to a demonstration by the Blue Angels elite flight squadron, which performed every day of the week.

Take a peek at some photos from the adrenalin-pumping event below.

A line of T-6 Texans waits patiently in the desert sun for their turn to turn up the heat. John King,
While the Sport Class races, the L-39 Albatros Invictus, piloted by Zachary McNeill, taxis in front of the iconic home pylon. John King,
The Lancair Legacy Coming in Hot, piloted by Park City, Utah's Peter Zaccagnino, whizzes by. John King,
An Aero L-29 jet departs. John King,
The T-6 Abracadabra goes through some pre-race checks. John King,
Planes in the jet class race overhead at speeds over 500 mph. John King,
The Blue Angels team lines up before its performance. John King,
Arresting hook down, the Blue Angels make a pass in carrier landing configuration as the Sport Class planes line up elsewhere for their heat. John King,
The Blue Angels performed for Reno Air Race fans every day of the week. John King,
Vying for the initial advantage, there go Midnight Express, Ole 58 and Eros into the first turn in the T-6 race. John King,
The classic home pylon shot, starring Midlife Madness. John King,
Eros, Ole 58 and Midnight Express pass the home pylon. John King,
Midlife Madness advances to the next lap. John King,
Eros and Ole 58 pass the home pylon. John King,
Sport Class pilot Vicky Benzing is ready to race in her Lancair Legacy. John King,
A look inside the Benzing's plane, Lucky Girl. John King,
Seven Sport Class aviators come out of the Valley of Speed. John King,
Lucky Girl rounds the west pylon and heads home. John King,
Tom McNerney in Unleashed rounds the home pylon and heads back out to the Nevada desert. John King,
Peter Balmer in Swiss Thunder zooms past the home pylon in Friday's Sport Class. John King,
Vicky Benzing in Lucky Girl screams past the home pylon to take third. John King,
Jessy Panzer crossing the home pylon in Cruze Missile. John King,
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