Photos: Piper M600

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Flying recently had the chance to fly Piper's new version of the Meridian turboprop, the M600, over Vero Beach, Florida.

Featuring a clean-sheet wing and interior, power, range and payload improvements over previous PA-46s, the M600 might even be considered a less expensive and more economic alternative to the Daher TBM 930.

Check out the interior and exterior improvements, as well as some gorgeous air-to-air shots, in the photos below.

The latest iteration of the PA-46 features a clean-sheet wing. Jim Barrett
One of the most noticeable improvements in the M600 is its interior. Jim Barrett
The M600 also improves on the Meridian with additional power, range and payload. Jim Barrett
The waters off Vero Beach, Florida, provide the perfect backdrop for an air-to-air photoshoot. Jim Barrett
The M600’s interior is a major step above the Meridian’s, featuring better materials, better lines and a better overall look. Jim Barrett
The G3000 cockpit features an array of envelope-protection technologies designed to prevent loss of control. Three high-resolution displays are positioned above a pair of touchscreens that eliminate many physical buttons and dials. Jim Barrett
With the M600, Piper has upped its game considerably, producing what some buyers will perceive as a less expensive and more economical alternative to Daher’s TBM 930. Jim Barrett
Piper took some of what it learned from the Altaire program and applied it to the design and manufacturing of the M600. Jim Barrett
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